Ready to Turn Your Passions into Internet Profits? We’ll show you EXACTLY what you need to #crushit

"So before working with Kat and Romeo I did not have a list. Zilch. It was amazing to grow a list of 1000 in roughly a year after you guys helped me understand the concept of sales funnel and email marketing. 

Now I feel confident that I can implement this process to sell just about anything and continually get new leads on auto pilot while I'm off living my life. 

After being in additional group trainings you guys have put together, I have so much more clarity about how the whole promotional cycle works and love your easy to follow instructions and continual and generous support! 

Thanks guys 😁"

Kristen Parker

"I'm just getting started... and as the saying goes "you don't know what you don't know" I'm learning soooo much... 

I'm not a tech person but the guidance Kat & Romeo provide is just what I needed.... 

I find myself getting so excited because FINALLY a system that will work to grow my business! 

Oh and did I say on AUTOMATION"????(While you sleep AND/OR off living your authentic life)

I'm Extremely happy I choose them to mentor with..... 

Your success is truly what this program is all about... 

...and Kat and Romeo are sitting there on your shoulders helping you along."

Natalie Syfert Sweitzer

"Just wanted share our win! 42 new leads in 2 days and a sale! Finally started marketing our new niche. Things are starting to move!"

Brandon Knight

Kat! I'm so glad I joined💃 I'm learning so much and implementing it exactly as you lay it out in the course and it's working! I'm so excited to see actual progression toward my goals 😎

River Boudreaux

I've only been in the group for 2 weeks and already have everything I need almost setup ready to go- from my email sequences, to autoresponder, to putting the right funnels together, they've laid it out A to Z to implement. 

Not only that, but the support is incredible. Kat & Romeo do an amazing job of answering my thousand questions with clarity & confidence and are so genuine & authentic! Best support by far!

Lynn Hulver

"If you're just starting and only up to Webinar 1..wait till you progress through the program and especially hit the Traffic will seriously blow your mind!! Kat is the best teacher and mentor, so much to learn :) 

I look at where I was only 8 weeks ago and now what I know and all these things I'm doing and implementing, you've deadset taught me me goosebumps even just thinking about it all :)

Tara Philpot

"Before joining endless summer profits i was also learning a lot in the last 1 year (i started getting interested in marketing and online businesses a year ago around march and even more in last summer). but the keyword is i was just learning! 

I was always just learning and learning... but basically in a course like Kat & Romeo's stuff you want to go ahead, start implementing things (which was so hard to start) and yeah, Tara is right, i also learned a lot, also summarized a lot of previously known things. 

But more importantly Kat & Romeo "forced me into" taking action with their always positive and helping style :) thx guys, i can say a lot of thanks for your helps in the last few months :)

Balázs Nász

"One of the big reasons i love endless summer profits because i know any time i have a question, help is literally just a message away! it's great to have the chat and constant support of Kat and Romeo and the other members who are always happy and eager to lend a hand. 

It's also a great learning opportunity to see other people's questions get resolved. i'm so happy to be a part of this community!"

Carrie Fay

"It’s been such a journey of discovery for me. I’ve gained more and more clarity with each module. It’s already expanded my thinking of what’s possible for me and my business. 

Kat and Romeo really know how to connect the dots in a way that everything falls into place and makes sense. They have over delivered on their promises once again! And I like that the content is to the point without all the fluff. 

I’m excited to see how much more knowledge and clarity this program is going to give me. I feel really good about where me and my business are headed."

Veronica Starr

"I've never had such an awesome support, encouragement and so many tips and tricks as I have had here. 

Kat and Romeo you always have an answer, tried many systems and are never ever to selfish to share the systems with the group. 

Thanks Kat and Romeo for all the help, you really rock! ❤"

Liana Brouwer

"True inspirational woman that I am so so lucky to have in my life and right now, I'm working with her, about to meet myself and really make a difference to my now and therefore for my future 💖

Please let me honour her here!! Kat Zapanta what you do amaze me!! You are a true leader!! Thank you for pursuing me with love and encouragement!!
If anybody ROCKS, it is you who ROCKS!!! 💖✨🎊✨🎉✨💖"

Aya Neergaard Jessen

One thing that definitely stands out and makes this training special is the amazing support of Kat and Romeo. They lead with a heart. 

You can tell that they truly want everybody to succeed and they deliver much more value than promised and are always there to help. 

I am happy to be a part of this training and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is searching for a step-by-step guidance on how to build a successful business online and enjoy a freedom lifestyle.

Thank you Kat and Romeo! ✨🌟🎈

Barbara Zavrsnik
"You’re about to get your hands on what I truly believe to be a "one of a kind opportunity" to not only Find Your Passions in the Online Business World, but to also Make an Impact and Profit BIG while doing so, so you can finally have the freedom to go after your dreams and have a matching laptop lifestyle business that's sustainable, automated and fully congruent with your core values and desires! And this works EVEN IF you’ve never done anything like this before!"
From the Sunny Hammock of Kat Zapanta
Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica
July 1st, 2017
Dear Fellow Dreamer,

Hola! My name is Kat from Costa Rica, and I want to sincerely thank you for being here and also congratulate you for wanting more information about our 8 Week Implementation Program but first...

I have to tell you that last April, we opened up 5 Lifetime Access Licenses to the public and within 2 days, all licenses were gone.

Then in May, because of the amount of people who were not able to join then, given the small time frame and availability, we decided to open up 10 more Lifetime Access Licenses and all spots were filled!

Right now, we have a VERY UNIQUE SUMMER SPECIAL BUT ONLY until September 31st, 2017 @ 7:00PM EST for a ONE-TIME LIFETIME ACCESS PRICE.

Here’s why this is important:

“Lifetime Access” means, you get access to our Program for as long as you want. Every new Bootcamp and Workshop, every new trainings, every new resource, every weekly LIVE hangouts, and you will have access to our community of digital entrepreneurs also building 5, 6 and 7 figure businesses online.

With our Special Lifetime Access License, you will also get Access to 2 of our products currently filming LIVE this Summer 2017.  
Your Tribe™ Workshop, which is focused on recruiting hundreds of new affiliates and clients into your organization, using simple Instagram Viral Tactics and Facebook Groups. We also teach the same strategies we used to do a 5 figure product launch in one of our Facebook Groups with less than 500 members, with no paid ads, just organic targeted traffic.
Also, you'll get access to our Easiest Sales Funnels Ever™ Workshop which is a deep dive into creating our 6 figure sales funnels we've used for the last 5 years. In this course, we walk you through our process, and the technical set up, so there's no guess work involved.
Each currently sell for $297 at Regular Price.

So if you are interested, please keep this date in mind because Registration for Endless Summer Profits™ with a One-Time Price for a Lifetime Access License is going away soon and spots are quickly being taken.
With that out of the way, here's what this is all about...

This program, when implemented properly, can help you:

1. Attract an ‘endless flow’ of responsive followers and position you as an authority in your niche while growing a massive audience upwards of 200k plus followers FAST...

...2. Convert that audience into "pre-framed, ready to buy from you" prospects, to the tune of 30 to 60 leads per day, practically on autopilot, and almost for free - so when you make your offer, they are ready to buy...

...3. Make sales daily and strategically have a "next move monetization" in your business so you're never stuck at any income level. And this works whether you are a blogger, an affiliate for many products, a networking professional, a brick and mortar business owner, or even if you've never done anything online before...

...and last, this program will help you Automate Your Entire Business Model from “Traffic Getting” to “Lead Nurturing” all the way to Creating your Tribe of “Lifelong Customers”.

How do I know this works?

...Because we personally teach the same strategies to our clients and members of this program and some have already crossed 10K, 50K and even 200K + Followers in less than 10 months on Instagram alone, and some have impressively gone from zero to 70k followers in just over 2 months, while simultaneously building their email list and making sales, without manually doing the 'telling and 'selling' for their products.

...One of the modules alone, which contains a specific marketing strategy only we teach, has single handedly resulted in us helping a well known internet marketing company tip their sales over 110K + in sales overnight, and we did this while traveling in Nicaragua for a romantic night out.

...And to this day?

We still use the same key principles found in this program to build over half a million following on Instagram while consistently making 5k, 10k, 20k and upwards 30k sales figure months for us and our clients, while living on the beaches of Costa Rica, and truly having a laptop lifestyle business.
Sound like a stretch?
A bit impossible?

I used to think so too.

Until… we actually figured it all out.
You see, when Romeo and I set foot (virtually) in the internet world in 2012, we had just quit our jobs and started traveling Central America with nothing more than a laptop, two 50 pound backpacks and a BIG dream to start an online business.

From trying to launch our own physical product all the way to promoting digital products, affiliate programs and high ticket items, we literally bought EVERY online marketing “How to” training, attended every boring “goo-roo” webinar (and of course also bought what ever was being sold)...
"young, dumb and full of dreams" :) hopes that one day we could sustain the “Travel life” we had chosen.

The results?

Not very brag worthy. In fact, we struggled to break the “life changing income” code.

But I won’t get into the painful details about...
"How doing this kept us broke and nearly 'out of food' literally for two weeks!"
When you're "hungry" for your dreams, you will pretty much do anything to make them happen and it was no different this time. We were so desperate to “make it work”, we invested in yet another training program instead of buying food because “this time, this was going to change our business!”

Guess what?

The training was the SAME. OLD. THING!

It suffered from the typical lack of useful "what's working now" information, and non specific, vague examples that even a smart genius wouldn't be able to put it all together. 

The funny part is, at the time, we thought the training was the "Greatest" thing, but looking back now, it was all mostly hype - which is what most products are these days - salesy, hypey and does no one any good.

But of course to be fair, we always implemented whether the information was good or not. And the truth is, it wasn’t that we weren’t taking action, in fact we were glued to our Macbooks 18 hours a day feeling like “training junkies”….

…eating mangoes, bananas and anything we could pick out from our backyard for the next two weeks - tired, angry, NO RESULTS and most of all…

…even hungrier than when we got started.

But, one day (as luck would have it)…

Romeo and I, almost at our “wit’s end”, decided to meet up with an online friend who was at the time, living in the next surf town over here in Costa Rica…

And I’ll tell you...
...that event CHANGED our life FOREVER.
Our friend, let’s call him Surfer C, didn’t look or act at all like those boring, worn out marketers, in their home offices, behind their computers, who seemed like they “bored” their life and business into success.

He was different.

He had great results and a great life to show for it.

And he always had all his time planned out from traveling, to living in different countries a couple of months at a time... 

...all the way to his daily life, from waking up, to surfing, to business , to "just living life"... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

What's impressive was, he literally worked 1 hour a day and had a formula he’d been using successfully for the last couple of years.

I stopped for a moment and imagined what it would be like to finally have the life we set out to have after quitting our jobs and starting a business….

…and my imagination ran free and I saw:

A wonderful, stress free, choice filled life.

This was it.

We clearly needed someone to show us what we had been missing.

We needed a mentor, and we didn't even know it.

What he said to us next...
“in 5 words” LITERALLY helped us kickstart our Life and put our Business on hyper growth in a matter of months!”
He said: “Build Communities and Help them.”

Ummmm, what?

A couple of blank stares later, some eye shifting left to right there too... he continues.

"It's a strange concept, I know".

"And it's what Apple does best!"

Confused by the minute, we didn't expect anything from the conversation because frankly, we had never heard anyone talk about marketing that way before...

But as he went on and dropping words like "raving fans", "followers for life", "big product launches", things started to become clear.

And that's when it dawned on us, just how smart and unspoken the obvious was, and how sneakily this concept hid right under our noses... what a total shift that day was!

A light bulb literally lit just about every dark corner in our self dug hole.

But let me clarify this for you, in hopes that you too will create life changing results like we did.

Think of it this way, take Apple for example.

Are you a raving fan?

Are you a die hard, iPhone fan boi or gurl?

Are you a Mac or a PC person?

How about shows, what's your favourite TV show?

Game of Thrones and/or The Gilmore Girls?

Are you a Strictly an "Organic Whole Foods" person?

Or are you an Exclusively "Paleo Diet" follower?

Do you Crossfit?


How about food brands, do you like the regular Walmart $3 crunchy peanut butter or the $8 natural smooth PB from Whole Foods brand better?

How about clothing, do you "Sporty" or do you "Fancy Shmancy" all the way?

Or shoe brand?

Nike or Adidas?

Are you a fan of something?

What ever your answers are, it's clear that you have a Preference, and that usually attracts us to certain trends and people "doing the same things as us" and "what you would like to be doing" someday.

We follow "what's hot", "what's not", and ESPECIALLY people and their brands.


Because doing so makes us feel like we are a part of something.

We feel "special" being a part of it.

Romeo and I are "Strictly protein", Apple fans, and exclusive flip flops users, and we are proud of it.

Is this making sense yet?

If it is...

Here's a ONE liner that will EXPLODE your business this year even if you don't get registered for our Endless Summer Profits Implementation Program - where we dive together with you into our 6 figure business lifestyle model with templates and step by step modules:

write this down:
Cultivate a tribe of raving fans and followers to you, then look for a need or a problem of theirs, and then fulfill it through your genuine help, your products or services.
Profound I know (insert sarcasm), but most people miss this.

We did!

You see, as entrepreneurs, we're here to help, to fulfill, to make an IMPACT, and at the same time to PROFIT big, so we can keep helping more and more people.

That's our job.

And this is how we've been able to make an IMPACT and PROFIT BIG in our businesses, using this same formula of building Massive Audiences on the internet, aka Tribes of Passionate People and serving their needs.


Although I don't guarantee any results, or guarantee that you'll make money doing what we do because first, that would be irresponsible of me, second, I don't know you, and third, I don't know how hard you'll work....
...but this same formula has also helped me expand my network globally and land me a TV spot!  We've even been featured in a magazine and also got me a speaking slot on stage - and all the while, making thousands of product sales in my business over the last 4 years …
But most importantly? 

What truly gets me excited is having helped our clients in a BIG way and have them duplicate our results by simply using our same formula to get staggering results...

...from making their first commissions online, their first sales in their businesses, to making their first 4 figure day, to making their first 10k month…

even quitting their jobs to stay at home with their kids, or to traveling in an RV full-time, or to traveling the world, using same formula I’m going to teach you in great detail in Endless Summer Profits™.

In fact, looking back, I finally understand why we weren’t getting the results we so desperately wanted.

And if you’ve ever been in a position where you had to be making money in your business months ago…

…or if are currently implementing online marketing strategies, but it's just not working…

…maybe you’re not getting enough people to “see” your business, or struggling to get a single lead, let alone make a sale…

…or whether it’s a mindset issue, being unmotivated, or a techy hurdle that’s stopping you…

I know how it feels.

What ever you've done in the past, even if you've failed miserably in the past, what we're about to share with you now, will have a direct impact on your confidence and your bank account, because...

We truly believe that once you understand and know EXACTLY what to do, it actually becomes easier to attract abundance and what you actually want in your life.

That's why we'd like to hand you “our entire Success Blueprint, on how we created our Lifestyle Business Model using only a laptop and some WIFI, and how this has allowed us to travel the world, and live on the beaches of Costa Rica for the last 6 years… job free!”


Endless Summer Profits™
Endless Summer Profits™ is our 8 Week Implementation Course complete with our "Done With You" Sales Funnels, Email Templates, Videos and Webinar Templates, tied in with our Unique Traffic Strategies previously only available to our existing clients, that teaches you how to build a massive audience base and establish your authority in ANY niche no matter how competitive it is, and turn that into a predictable stream of revenue, is now available to you!

Endless Summer Profits™ will help you Get a Whole Lot of Traffic, Leads and Sales into your Business daily... and this is the most direct way to quickly find your passion in business and turn it into a profitable skill set that will pay you for life.

However, the Implementation Course and the "Done With You" Templates are just TWO aspects of the Program. 

The others?

Well, You also get:

Our Endless Summer Tribe: A Tight-Knit Community of Entrepreneurs who are also building their businesses on the internet. Support IS the biggest deal breaker for most people when it comes to building a business online. You need support to help your reach your goals, faster.

Weekly BYOB Hangouts. Bring Your Own Business. Yes! Every week, we do LIVE hangouts where we get to jump on LIVE with us and ask us questions, and we laser target in on your specific questions and answer them strategically.

And Last?

Personal Coaching from the Digital Beach Bums!  Yes, we will get on the phone with you twice and craft out a Perfect Customized Plan for you. 

Who else do you know does this?

No... One.

In a mouthful, our Endless Summer Profits™ Program is a complete business in a box solution perfect for you if you are just getting started in Digital Entrepreneurship and want to start strong and make a life changing, job replacing income to the tune of $___,___.___ per month, and realistically quit your job in ___ months...

...and this works extremely well too if you already have a business in dire need of a kick butt Digital Marketing makeover with current strategies and reorganization techniques and most importantly, you'll get personal support and a community that cares - to help you transform, explode and sustain your business.

Romeo and I have poured our hearts and souls into this Program so that you can begin applying it immediately and get almost instant results — even if nobody knows who you are right now and even if you’ve failed multiple times in the past.
Here’s a tiny list of what you’ll learn: (special highlights):
  • The 6 Steps to becoming an Authority in your niche even if you are just getting started.
  • “How to create social media content, free articles and blog posts that sell.”
  • "How to always find “Your Waldo” in a crowded market place using Mind Maps, Awareness Ladders, Grids and Empathy Maps."
  • "How to create Automation Funnels the easy way (using our templates) in minutes, without a designer and without touching a line of code."
  • "How to put your social media accounts on hyper growth using our Instagram and Facebook proprietary “Traffic Blend”. (This strategy is exclusive to our the Endless Summer Tribe)
  • "How to effectively “bridge” your products and services to your prospects while simultaneously building rapport and responsiveness. aka our “Sell ANYTHING to ANYONE Formula”
  • The 5 key elements of a “Highly Converting Sales Video” that creates ultra engaged prospects, even if you’re just using your phone to record, and no fancy pants video editing.
  • "How to build trust, provide goodwill and sell at the same time using webinars, without being awkward, weird and salesy. NOTE: Selling Webinar Format included."
  • "How to profit from people who say no."
  • "How to always get your email subscribers to happily do what you want them to do, without being pushy, gimmicky or remotely bribey."
  • “How to create a 4 to 10 hour work week by effectively simplifying, scheduling and automating your daily business tasks. NOTE: This is especially good if you like to travel, or live somewhere off grid on the beach (like us), or if you simply don’t want to be online for any reason, but you still want to profit daily.
  • "How to tell your story and sell at the same time using the 3 F's in your content and videos. NOTE: If you are a networker, this strategy alone will help you attract the "business builders" and weed out the "money chasers". 
  • ...and much much more!
But, we’re not just going to dump all this awesomeness on you.
We’ve strategically planned our program, so that overwhelm, confusion and a whole lot of unneeded shenanigans don’t occur.

Your Membership Site ACCESS

The modules are organized into weekly trainings, so you can learn and implement and follow along at your own pace as you go through each week.
Your job is to consume this information but don’t worry, it's in chunk, bite size, consumable form.

At the end of each module, there is a checklist where it enumerates, recaps and solidifies what you just consumed, so you’ll remember it much more.

But, that's not it.

There's also a “TO DO NOW” after each module, which walks you through what you need to do in your business now. 

Yes, you have to take action.

If for any reason you are still unclear on something, jump on the Webinar for that week, every Thursday 8pm EST - where we will dive into your Questions - and you’ll be able to listen in on the “Most Current” case studies of real people experiencing real problems as we help them get clear, course correct, move forward and smile. These are priceless webinars.
After the 8 weeks, you will get special privilege access to our ongoing monthly webinars, where we dive more into further questions, but more importantly, we will tackle the big picture in your business.

Sound Good?

If not, this will…
Your Access to our Automation Funnels.
Yes, where else (in the world) can you get access to Sales Automation Funnels that have stood the test of time, have been proven to work... 

...and have especially been designed to capture attention and build rapport with your market place, while simultaneously creating demand and responsiveness?
The word these funnels instigate? 


NOTE: It doesn’t matter what business you are building, the life line of your business are leads. Over the years, we’ve created hundreds of squeeze pages, sales pages etc and we’ve stacked all of them in a spreadsheet and took all the "top achievers", and came out with the Winners, aka the “Lead-ers” and so what we’ve done is, put all of our best performing “Lead-ers” and hand them to you. 

Just like that.
“These Funnels are designed to take your prospects from a “peeping tom” to a “customer for life” in a short amount of time, without you having to do any hard lifting daily. Once you get everything set up and running, these babies "will run amok, wreak awesomeness all over, and make your wildest dreams come true.” But make sure you get registered for the program ASAP to get access to these, because I don’t know how long we will have them available for! Gadzooks!
-Romeo Zapanta
Still Reading?

Now, you also have Access to our Email Templates...
This is the part where you can call us “Officially Crazy”, because what we’re giving you is literally Entire Access to what drives our Email List Building Business Model daily, our emails.

From Follow up emails, One time Selling Emails all the way to Product Launch Sequences, that have sold over 6 figures worth of products and services ranging from T-shirts, Workshops, affiliate programs, business opportunities, webinars, Live events, coaching, softwares, product Launches, etc…
…rest assured, we got your back, and you now have access to them.

Copywriting is possibly the worst thing you can try to teach a new person. 

It's like teaching a cow to sleep on its back. Or riding a unicycle. 

It’s not natural.

Instead, what we’ve done is given you access to our "Emails that Sell LOTS" all on the internet, so you can (choose 1, 2 or all of them):

1. Study them.
2. Model them.
3. Customize them.
4. Copy them.
5. Profit from them.
6. One thing for sure, USE THEM.

Simply go into the Email Templates Vault….

“Choose, Customize, Deploy”.

So while you’re learning, you are also able to make some BIG moves and PROFIT now in your business without having to wait till you become an expert to #crushit

NOTE: These babies will help you reach expert status in no time.
What EXACTLY is in Endless Summer Profits™ 8 Week Program?
Module 1
Endless Authority Foundation This is the foundational piece that will set you apart from the rest. How? This 5 Lesson Module will help you breakdown your income goals, your profit maximizers, your business model using strategic mind maps, and most importantly, we'll go over the key mindset and leadership concepts and how to wrap everything into building a passion based business online, around your Calling.
Module 2
Sell Anything To Anyone Formula. The first step to knowing how to sell is knowing who you are talking to. In this 5 Lesson Module, we dive deep into "Knowing You Avatar" using key concepts and diagrams like Empathy maps for Niche Research, The Grid for Bridging the Selling Process, and The Awareness Ladder to know exactly where your customers are at, to easily build rapport with them and elicit positive response, so when you make an offer, they are ready to buy.
Module 3
Smart Funnels Creation. In this Module, we teach you how to create your own funnels from Capture Pages, to Sales Pages to Webinar Pages, it's all in here. The Coolest part? We dive into our High Converting Sales Funnels and we'll show you how you can easily customize them to you to sell your products and services from Low Ticket all the way to High Ticket Items. Yes, use our Funnels! NOTE: We use a third party app called Click Funnels to share our funnels easily.
Yes, Funnels are Included! 
Module 4
Emails That Sell LOTS. In this module, we dive deep into Email Marketing and how you can get started easily, even if you've never written a single piece of copy before. We go into the key and timeless principles to selling and structuring your emails so you will always get the response you want from your subscribers every time you send an email. Copywriting is a hard task ESPECIALLY for a brand new person, that's why we've included our very own emails for you to use! NOTE: We use a third party app called Aweber or Active Campaign as an Email Service provider.
Yes, Emails are Included!
Module 5
Everything TRAFFIC: Instagram! This is our specialized training on how we consistently build our email list in the thousands, make daily sales in our business and cultivate an audience of over half a million Followers on Instagram in our niches. This is a step by step tutorial on how to just that, and also includes, checklists, guides, outsourcing (if this is something you want to do) Spreadsheets and Targeted Hashtags Database to help you get started! NOTE: We use third party apps for design and productivity.
Module 6
Everything TRAFFIC: Facebook. In this module, we dive into everything that's Facebook! From Selling with Groups, Building your Fan Pages into thousands of followers or in the millions if you like (this training is the foundation to building an audience of that size), to Placing Your First Advertising Campaign all the way to Scaling to a multitude of ad campaigns and paying much much less than what your competitors are buying ad space for. How? Using our Proprietary Traffic Blend. As a Bonus, you have special access to our in-house targeting software that's Facebook approved, and with it, you can see Targeted "Interests" that Facebook's Platform doesn't show you.
Module 7
Videos and Webinars Inc. Video has become the number 1 marketing method for the last 5 years, and it will continue to do so for the next 10 years. In this module, we go deep into creating videos that sell, how to get started the right way, and really #crushit. We even provide you with the templates, scripts and everything you need!
Module 8
Lifestyle Business Model Design. In this module, we dive into creating a business around your lifestyle, and we go deep into our "Business and Lifestyle Design Secrets" that we've never shared publicly, from building Automation systems, Outsourcing Tasks to save time, to Productivity and Energy Management all the way to creating your Perfect Day, Every. Single. Day... So you can travel, go on the road for months, take mini retirements, and even "disappear" from the world, and live somewhere off grid, if this is something you want. Ultimately, you will learn step by step how to automate you business, and create a 4 to 10 hour week, and still make money using the principles, concepts, and systems we put in place earlier on in the other modules. This completes the whole "Lifestyle Business Model".
Here's what people are a saying about our trainings...

"Just wanted share our win! 42 new leads in 2 days and a sale! Finally started marketing our new niche. Things are starting to move!"

Brandon Knight

"Some of the things Kat and Romeo taught, some of the things I have learned from them, about Instagram, about Sales Funnels and about Making Videos had taken my business to the Next Level…"

Brian Couch

"I´ve been online for some time and this is some powerful ninja stuff that will definitely help me to take my business to the next level. Loved the simplicity of it! "

Inese Soncika

"I learned some awesome ninja hacks, secrets, and ways to use tools to brand myself effectively where targeted leads and customers are coming to me basically on autopilot while I'm still working my day job…”

Kristen Parker

"You guys are so inspiring and motivating... 

I have started using and have seen some difference already and can't wait to implement the info... 

I would so love to meet you guys one day I love your personalities and just from listening to you guys talk about your stories, experiences and accomplishments it has put a smile on my face and it really makes me feel like I CAN DO THIS."

Caitlyn Hudson

Kat and Romeo have helped a lot of people in group settings in digital classrooms teaching Automation - things in social media, things in Instagram traffic…"

Lawrence Tam

"I genuinely feel like so many pieces fell into my "I GET IT" space and I really credit it to the visuals and straight forward... approach!"

Linda Tilson

"I was able to gain traction, social acceptance across multiple media, and relatively quick success by simply following and applying the techniques…"

Lewis Stark

"I had to take a moment to say how proud I am of Kat Zapanta. No matter where our paths lead us, we've both been instrumental in teaching each other a lot about ourselves. Seeing her step out and lead her own TRiBE, her own army of Freedom Fighters... and bringing out the strength and power in them... 

It makes me smile.... so BiG."

Layla Black

"One of their true passions is sharing as much as they’ve learned with…"

Erica Udeanu

"Thanks a bunch for the info! It is very helpful for a person starting up a business but looking for more useful ways!!!"

Jma Ari

"They are such dedicated leaders and they serve BIG BIG groups of people..."

Muriel Dijkema

" last post on Insta got 102 likes within 24h which is more than I ever had :-)"

Sandra Mesipuu

"They are silly, goofy but VERY Serious about Business..."

Rachele Rivera

It's very nice to hear someone "alive", with laugh and fun while talking about serious business!"

Vladimir K

Kat and Romeo are the most effective leaders in the industry, so if you want to plug in, now is..."

Robert Impas

"I appreciate all the time and effort that you put into this. Keep sending the videos:) Can't wait to live on the beaches there in the next 10 months."

Nicole Smith

"Kat and Romeo will take you down the path you need to take in order to succeed in your business…"

Jacob Ebersole
But Kat and Romeo, what's the cost?
For some context, a series of coaching sessions with us on specific marketing strategies, with specific walkthroughs and "hands on implementation" and/or mindset coaching runs for $1000 an hour booked for a minimum of 3 sessions. 

And access to our Funnels, Emails and access to "us" runs for $6000 for the programs we promote.

Now, with Endless Summer Profits, we can't charge you $7000.

Although this is what we normally charge, and this is what you are basically getting access to...

I honestly do NOT want to make this a financial hardship for you.

And because we are really passionate about telling you what's working now, and what simply does not work, and this includes telling you what to stay away from in this online space,  we have to make sure that you are getting the best possible training and experience from us, while you're getting the results you seek.

Right now, as you are reading this, there are programs running for at least twice this price, upwards $3000 and you won't get NOWHERE near the training, Done for you Templates, Emails, and Personal Coaching from us that you're getting with Endless Summer Profits. In fact, NOBODY EVER in the online world, ever gives out their "Best kept Strategies", Sales Funnels and Emails, let alone their personal time.

So we thought about charging only $2000 for this.

But that would exclude a lot of people who need this training, so we finally put a tag on it.

In the interest of your success, we've decided Endless Summer Profits will only cost $997 with a Lifetime Access License (normal price at $1497), so you are getting $500 off.

But please keep in mind on September 31st, 2017 @ 7pm EST, the One-Time Price for a Lifetime Access License goes away.

Right now - for just $997, we're revealing ALL of the strategies, techniques, tips, and tricks that we personally use to consistently make 5k, 10k, 20k, 30k sales figure months ALL on the internet, using our specific trainings on Getting traffic, leads and sales while effectively branding yourself as an authority in your niche. 

That's roughly $2.73 a day for the Whole Year Membership, to which after the 8 Week Intensive, you still get access to everything, plus actual case studies, our tests, experiments, what we promote, how we promote, every single month. 

Yes, $2.73 a day.

Now, with a Lifetime Access? This is a steal.

A basic 3-credit course at a community college (not a full-blown university) can run you up to $2,000… not counting the textbooks, transportation and all the necessities. And what does that get you? Not much.

The way I see it, $997 is hardly worth thinking about compared to the authority, respect, and prestige you’ll soon have… not to mention the kind of money you could soon be making.

That’s because Endless Summer Profits isn’t a cost at all… it’s an investment. 

An investment that could pay you back 10 times… 100 times… or more.

In fact, if you’re anything like us or any of our students, you could make back your investment with profit within the first 60 days of getting access to the Endless Summer Profits.
That's why I'd like to sweeten the deal for you, because...
...I'm confident that this year, will be your BEST YEAR YET. So I want to meet you more than half way..
Here's a list of some EXTREMELY Limited Time BONUSES:
**recently added bonuses in RED**
One Year Access LIFETIME ACCESS to our Cloud Based Membership Site. This is our specialized Membership Platform which you can access from anywhere, even on your mobile, where all content are safely locked to you and your unique login ID. This includes all the program resources and your special access to your course.
$297/Year Value
Access to our Rolodex of Outsourcers, resources, traffic sources, etc. This list has taken us over 5 years to build - from our traffic contacts, tools and softwares we use, contractors, freelancers, graphic designers, its all in here.
Super Affiliate Initiative Course. If you don't have a business yet, or if you don't have a product to sell, this is a detailed step by step affiliate marketing mini course. What's affiliate marketing? This is where you sell other people's products for a commission. This is how we got started online and in this module, we will take you step by step from Finding a Niche, Choosing Products, Stacking Products, all the way to adding Layers of Profit to your business. We've seen stand alone courses like this that sell for over $500 and they are nowhere near as detailed and well articulated as this mini course which also includes actual case studies, sales funnels and email promotions. Includes Hot Niches 2017, Guides and Workbook.
$500 Value
Irresistible Lead Magnets Mini Course Lead Magnets are a great way to turn your website visitors into an email subscriber, otherwise known as a Lead. In this mini course, we dive into creating detailed, irresistible and high converting Lead Magnets to help you build a responsive email list fast, while simultaneously positioning yourself as an authority in your niche.
$197 Value
3D eBook Cover. Once you have a lead magnet in place and a cover to go with it, we will forward your cover to our designers and create a 3D Cover Version to make it look professional.
$50/Graphic Piece Value
Access to our Photography Vault. As a Bonus, we've added our travel photos that you use in your sales pages, keynote presentations, or simply on social media without having to worry about Copyright Infringements which commonly happen especially when people unknowingly use a photo found on he Google search. These photos are Royalty Free and No Attribution Required. Meaning, you can use them as if they were yours.
$50/Graphic Piece Value
BONUS #7 and #8
Exclusive Facebook Group and Live Ongoing Chat. This is where we post Updates, Case Studies, and additional resources to enhance your learning experience through daily live interaction from us and other members who are also building their businesses. This is also where you can ask us for support and questions and stay plugged in and connected at all times!
$100/Month Value
5 Steps To Your Most Compelling Vision Mini Course. As entrepreneurs, we all face challenges internal battles and conflicts as the path we've chosen is unlike any other. In this mini course, we walk you through everything you need to solidify the decisions you've made to become unstoppable! We also dive into your core values and desires, overcoming belief blocks and sabotage cycles, and living in true alignment.
$297 Value
8 Weekly BYOB. Bring Your Own Business! As you go through the program and the modules every week, you will have an opportunity to ask us questions LIVE about your business while we dive into case studies and help steer you in the direction you need to take next. These LIVE QnA webinars are crucial to your success.
$200/Month Value
Youtube Ranking Hero Mini Course w/ our In-house Target Software Want to use Youtube as your traffic source to generate hundreds of leads a month? This mini course gives you a detailed step by step tutorial on how we find keywords to use to rank our videos, what we talk about in the videos and most importantly, where we send the traffic to. You also have access to our in house VidTargetr, our inhouse Targeting Software which looks for the most profitable keywords to go for.
$397 Value
15 Minute Discovery Coaching Call. This is where we help you get started with an action plan based on your goals and desires to move you forward with absolute clarity in your business! 
$100 Value
30 Minute Strategy Session. Half way through the course, we will do a Strategy Session where we help you get setup with your new systems and business processes and also, this where we help you get refocused and 'recalibrate' your way to help you move faster towards your goals.
$200 Value

Setting aside all the awesomeness...
I want to be extremely clear who this is for and who this is NOT for...
...This is for you if you've been looking for a way to get your business off the ground whether you have experience or you're just getting started...

...This is for you if you are looking for ways to drastically increase your traffic to your products and services online, and ultimately convert that traffic into paying customers... whether you are a blogger, a network marketer, an affiliate marketer, a coach, a consultant, our strategies will work well for you...

BUT... If you’re looking to register for our program, and you don’t implement anything, then this is NOT for you.

Over the years, we’ve successfully run similar programs internally within our Tribe, and do you know who always created the “best success stories”? 

The ones who took action.

Like the famous quote goes:

"The distance between your Dreams and Reality, is ACTION."


And we only take in action takers!

We’ve made the whole program EXTREMELY “easy to digest” and “Crystal Clear”, so that concepts are easily understood, and potential roadblocks are eliminated even before they appear.

With that said…
If you are a person with BIG dreams, someone who’s hungry for change, then I’d like to make a request before you get registered for Endless Summer Profits...
Commit to yourself, and commit to your vision.

Because nothing else will create success for you this year.

And even if you get registered, what we’ve got planned for you in this program and all the awesomeness that surrounds it, is just one part of the puzzle.

The other?


It’s you.

Let us help you make 2017 your BEST. YEAR. YET!

See you on the beaches of the world,

Pura Vida!
Kat and Romeo Zapanta
The Digital Beach Bums
Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica
Get Registered Now!
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Please note that if you get registered between now and September 31st, 2017 @ 7:00pm EST, you will get a $500 discount for Our Lifetime Access!
REGULAR $1497! Save Over $500! 
  • 8 Week Implementation Course + Worksheets, Guides and Checklists
  • All Current & Future Courses, Trainings and Webinars
  • Your Tribe Workshop
  • Easiest Sales Funnels Ever Workshop
  • Weekly BYOB (Bring Your Own Business) Hangouts and Strategy Sessions
  • On-boarding Welcome Call with Kat and Romeo
  • "Meet You Halfway" Strategy Call and Business Setup Session
  • Personal Coaching
  • Endless Summer Tribe Community
  • 24 Hour Chat Support
  • In House Audience Targeting Softwares
  • Done With You Sales Funnels
  • Email Templates
  • Internet Marketing Experts Interviews
  • All BONUSES (list is too long to list here)
14 Day Refund Policy - No Questions Asked Guarantee!
All Secure Payments Through Paypal...
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $997, and you're getting Kat and Romeo's "Endless Summer Profits" Implementation Program and their 6 Figure Business Processes, Automation Sales Funnels, Email Templates, and most importantly, you'll get access to their Traffic and Conversion Secrets that's created an "Endless Summer" Lifestyle and Business Model for them while traveling the world, and living on the beaches of Costa Rica, job free for the last 6 years!
Still on the Fence? Here's what other people are saying...

"YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME SINCE I BECAME UNEMPLOYED!!! I actually have HOPE & DETERMINATION because of you guys! Thank you both soo much!!! I look forward to everything that you have to share!!!"

Michelle MG

"Kat and Romeo are 2 of the best, humble, and genuine people I know. As a personal development coach, I'm very picky on who I choose to be around me and these 2 will help uplift and educate you on what you need to do in order to live your life by design. I used to do marketing on my own, by myself, and with zero support but if you have these guys, you're all set =) What I've noticed is that they're also very responsive so if you have any questions, just ask them."

Jin Hua

"Kat and Romeo Zapanta, it was great to meet you online and in person! You're an inspiration to many and a great example of what can be done once you make the decision to roll up your sleeves and get to work living your dreams! I love your awesome program for showing others how to Live a Lifestyle by Design and helping others make their dreams a reality!"

Robert Stritzinger
Don Schmidt says...

"Kat and Romeo are definitely living their dreams and you can too! Follow their lead and you can't go wrong."

Stuart Springfield

"If there's a couple who could inspire and motivate, here it is. Their passion and enthusiasm is so infectious, it will help anyone succeed in any endeavor!"

Sheryl Caron

"Thank you so much for putting your empire info down on paper, blessings!"

Roxanne Jones

" admire your desire to help other and touch their lives on so many levels. Anyone who joins your business team is going to benefit from great mentors and coaching, exactly what is needed in the online arena to succeed! All the love right to ya in Costa Rica!"

Natalie Van Veen

"This is absolutely awesome ... I´ve never gotten around to Instagram ... so a lot of this info is new BUT I get it! I understand what you´re saying Kat and I see the value and what Instagram can do for me!"

Sanna Hellstrom

"Wow! Thanx Kat & Romeo :-) Awsum training! Looking 4ward 2 more training from u 2"

Pam Morrison

"My husband and I came across Kat and Romeo’s videos one day while we were doing a search for people who had success living the Internet Lifestyle we wanted. We wanted to know if it was possible and if there were real people who had made this work for them. 

Enter this lovely couple. We watched their free webinars and we were blown away with the information they were sharing with us – for free! After years of looking for answers, finally here were people who were giving us exactly what we were looking for - no games, no tricks, just pure, straightforward information that would help us succeed. 

So we decided to join them. And it has been an amazing journey! Not only do they continue to provide us with valuable and useful information to help us live the life we want, but they have provided a safe and friendly environment of like-minded people who are here to uplift and support one another. Kat and Romeo are showing us how to be leaders in our lives as well as in our business. We are now part of a tribe of amazing individuals all focused on success and personal fulfillment! 

We are on an incredible journey together and I can’t wait to see what’s next!"

Rachele Barron

"You guys are an inspiration and a REAL example that it is POSSIBLE to achieve anything you want when you believe and take massive action! If you are looking for the most awesome mentors and coaches to help you to take your business and life to next level, connect with Kat and Romeo! <3"

Inese Soncika

"You can't go wrong with the Epic Duo Team! Their approach to Marketing Online is second to none!"

Geoffrey Antoine

"Hey Hi Kat - Great presentation and easy to follow information....thanks for what you do"

Natalie Syfert Sweitzer

"Kat & Romeo are the epitome of the laptop lifestyle! Internet Marketing is indeed the future of business. These guys are great leaders – follow them to the top!"

Bec Dorsey

"Thank you for sharing this! I have no idea about some of the techniques you are showing. This is a great help :) All in a simple and easy way!"

Jagoda Rutowicz

"Thank you for sharing this, great clear content, excited to put it into practice."

Kelly Bennett

"Not only are Kat and Romeo a true inspiration in their lifestyle design but they have a fire and determination to help others succeed and get what they want out of life. Do not hesitate to sign up with them and get experienced advice and know how for your success journey!"

Helen Hales

"Thank you so much! it really is some powerful stuff you guys sharing with everyone."

Andreas Walter

“Thank you Kat at The Epic Duo your constant enthusiasm and generosity to provide a library of wealth for internet marketing tools. You are constantly uplifting, teaching, motivating us to become the best version of YOU! Your presence exudes radiant knowledge and charm that is genuine!”

Pilar Cruz

"So much info... I'm definitely doing a second, third & fourth round of this program! ☺"

Veronica Star

"Hi kat I just finished webinar 1! Can I just say Wow!!!!!!! I loved every minute! So interesting, I learned soooooo many things I did not even knew existed! Thanks so much for sharing you guys are really awesome 👏🏻"

Paula Diaz

"Just want to take a moment to let everyone know what Kat Zapanta & Romeo Zapanta has shared with me. Over the four years or so I've been online and building a community that collaborates and raises the success rates for others.

Kat & Romeo are some of those people in that community that offer support, lead by example, and are true role models for success with online concepts and real innovation.

If you're one of the thousands of people following them let me be a testimony of their credibility, guidance, and true knowledge from a center of substance that should you actually ever take a minute and ask them about it; you will find it will enhance and accelerate your success starting right away!" #respect

Joe Chancellor
Ready To Start Your Endless Summer Journey?
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Please note that if you get registered between now and September 31st, 2017 @ 7:00pm EST, you will get a $500 discount for Our Lifetime Access!
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REGULAR $1497! Save Over $500!  
  • 8 Week Implementation Course + Worksheets, Guides and Checklists
  • All Current & Future Courses, Trainings and Webinars
  • Your Tribe Workshop
  • Easiest Sales Funnels Ever Workshop
  • Weekly BYOB (Bring Your Own Business) Hangouts and Strategy Sessions
  • On-boarding Welcome Call with Kat and Romeo
  • "Meet You Halfway" Strategy Call and Business Setup Session
  • Personal Coaching
  • Endless Summer Tribe Community
  • 24 Hour Chat Support
  • In House Audience Targeting Softwares
  • Done With You Sales Funnels
  • Email Templates
  • Internet Marketing Experts Interviews
  • All BONUSES (list is too long to list here)
14 Day Refund Policy - No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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Kemosabe - Please don't interpret any of this presentation as some sort of promise or implication of your future earnings. Our results are NOT even remotely typical. We’ve been at this for 5 years, and naturally have a bit of an advantage as a result. The average person who buys any "business building" course (or something similar) rarely gets any results at all. Similar to how the average person who buys home exercise equipment rarely ends up looking like the person in the commercials. We don't know why that is, but we think it's safe to say it's true across the board. THIS STUFF IS ALL HARD. And it takes HARD WORK, LEADERSHIP and RISK. Makes sense?

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